Tuesday, August 3, 2010

News from New Issues' Authors

Lewis Horton, a contributor to The Art of The One-Act: An Anthology ("Diorama") is happy to report that his travel/memoir Travels in the Land of the One-Eyed King was published on July 1, 2010. It's the sort of book Flannery O'Connor might've written if, as a child, she'd been dragged across America in the back seat of a car driven by A.J. Foyt and his cantankerous wife, Sister Wendy.

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, author of Before The Palm Could Bloom: Poems of Africa (New Issues, 1998), has published her forth collection Where the Road Turns published by Autumn House Press, July 20, 2010.
"She is without doubt among the most powerful of the younger generation of African poets." – Frank M. Chipasula, editor, Bending the Bow: An Anthology of African Poetry 

Jon Pineda, author of The Translator's Diary (New Issues, 2008), has a memoir coming out from University of Nebraska Press in September of 2010. Sleep in Me is a heartrending memoir of the coming-of-age of a boy haunted by a family tragedy. Sleep in Me is a 2010 Holiday Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers program selection.

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