Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Justin Marks's Writer's Digest Interview

Robert Lee Brewer posted an interview with Justin Marks, author of A Million in Prizes, to his blog, Poetic Asides, on the Writer's Digest website.

A small sampling of the interview:

Robert: If you could pass on only one piece of advice to fellow poets, what would it be?

Justin: I've been given such large heaps of bad advice over the years, I'm hesitant to offer any of my own. So maybe my advice should be, “don’t take any advice.” Then again, I've also gotten some good advice that has often helped sustain me: Trust yourself. Don't let anyone or thing stop you. Be willing to change. Persevere. Stuff like that. That’s my advice.

Want more? And why wouldn't you? Follow this link for the full interview: Exclusive Interview with Justin Marks.

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