Friday, January 30, 2009

RATTLE e-reviews: Tall If by Mark Irwin

RATTLE has posted a new e-review of a New Issues title: Tall If by Mark Irwin.

A sample of the review:
"The best poems of this collection, like 'When I Died,' are small, continuous reversals of perception, akin to Emily Dickinson, to whom the title of 'When I Died' is indebted. Like Dickinson, Irwin's voice has a strange power of conjoining disparate images. 'The Field,' for example, begins 'I like the field best in winter when it's a giant bug / lying on its back, when its legs / are trees, walking through the sky.' Some poets might stop here, having used the metaphor for effect, but Irwin pursues it until, in a moment resembling either apocalypse or rapture, the bug rights itself and carries the bodies buried in the field 'like eggs to another earth.'"

For the complete review: Tall If reviewed by Andrew Allport.

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