Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best American Poetry 2009

Congratulations to Lance Larsen (Erasable Walls, New Issues, 1998). His poem "Why do you keep putting animals in your poems?" appeared in Best American Poetry 2009, as did John Rybicki's (Traveling at High Speeds, New Issues, 1996)  "This Tape Measure Made of Light," which originally appeared in WMU's Third Coast. Friend of New Issues, Susan Blackwell Ramsey, also had her poem included: "Pickled Heads: St. Petersburg"


Geoffrey A. Landis said...

FWIW, my comments on the Best American Poetry 2009 are over at the Clevelandpoetics blog, discussing where the poems in the volume originally came from.

* said...

I'm way late on this post, but just catching it now. Lance Larsen was one of my poetry professors when I was a BYU student. A hearty congrats to him.